How do I test the code?#

This package comes with a test suite implemented using [pytest]. In order to run the tests, you have to clone the repository and install the package. This will also install the required tests dependencies and test utilities defined in the extras_require section of the :code:pyproject.toml.

# clone the repository
git clone https://github.com/centre-for-humanities-computing/dacy

# install package and test dependencies
pip install -e ".[tests]"

# run all tests
python -m pytest

which will run all the test in the tests folder.

Specific tests can be run using:

python -m pytest tests/desired_test.py

If you want to check code coverage you can run the following:

python -m pytest --cov=src

How is the documentation generated?#

This package use sphinx to generate documentation. It uses the Furo theme with custom styling.

To make the documentation you can run:

# install sphinx, themes and extensions
pip install -e ".[docs]"

# generate html from documentations
sphinx-build -b html docs docs/_build/html

How do I cite this work?#

If you use this library in your research, it would be much appreciated it if you would cite:

    title = {{{DaCy}}: {{A}} Unified Framework for Danish {{NLP}}},
    booktitle = {Ceur Workshop Proceedings},
    author = {Enevoldsen, Kenneth and Hansen, Lasse and Nielbo, Kristoffer L.},
    date = {2021},
    series = {{{CEUR Workshop Proceedings}}},
    volume = {2989},
    pages = {206--216},
    publisher = {{ceur workshop proceedings}},
    issn = {1613-0073},
    keywords = {Danish NLP,Data Augmentation,Low-resource NLP,Natural Language Processing},

Or if you prefer APA:

Enevoldsen, K., Hansen, L., & Nielbo, K. L. (2021). DaCy: A unified framework for danish NLP. Ceur Workshop Proceedings, 2989, 206-216.

The papers is available publicly here and as a preprint here.